Thursday, November 8, 2012

October 2012 Meeting Show and Tell

Donna and her birds

Jo Ann and her Little Theater

Neva makes an alien

Neva's Steampunk Man

New Mexico State Fair 2012

Setting up the display cases at the fair.

Judging is HARD WORK!!

August 2012 Meeting Show and Tell

Vivien's Mermaid

Neva's doll with "scrubber" hair

Zoot Suit by Neva

Neva's Lady from an online Cindee Moyer class

Two dolls by Neva

Native American Doll by Neva

July 2012 Meeting Show and Tell

Original Sculpted Doll by Yoka

Edna's Beaded Fairy Shoe

Yoka's Six Girls 

Clam Dancer by Diane Little

Thursday, June 28, 2012

June Club Meeting Show and Tell

The Queen of Hearts

Neva makes a doll with boots from last month's demo by JoAnn

Yoka with her doll from an Ankie class.

April Club Meeting
Edna demonstrates making ribbon flowers.

Edna demos while Joyce and Nancy look on.

Maggie, Neva, Edna and JoAnn making ribbon flowers.

Flower samples

Edna's sample tray

More beautiful samples by Edna

Edna's flowers

Another beautiful Edna creation

Edna's Steampunk doll

Close up of ribbon flower hair

Jo Ann's Monkey

Neva's fairy

Fairy head

Neva's doll from Diane's class

Neva's doll from an Arley class

2 dolls by Neva

Neva's flamingo

A pair of dolls by Neva

Neva's last creations for the month!!

March 2012 Club Meeting

Nancy shows us how to use metals in dollmaking.

Nancy's demo doll decorated with metals.

Goth Angel by Annie 

Goth Angel face

Cloth doll by Neva

Detail of yarn hair


Felt doll and crocheted dolls by Vivien

Yoka's scrap ladies.