Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday Party 2011

The Party at Jo Ann's in full swing

Yoka gets a doll made by Gail

Vivian and her doll by Nancy EH

Nancy EH with her doll by Vivian

Joyce with her doll made by Yoka

Jo Ann opens a doll made by Patty Page

Doll by Patty Page

Gail with a doll made by Carol

Edna opens her package

Edna wearing her doll necklace made by Annie

Diane admires her doll made by Edna

Annie with a doll made for her by Diane

Babs, Donna and Edna critique Diane's work

Babs being photographed with her doll by Jean

Carol with her doll made by Babs

Steampunk doll made by Babs

Jean with her doll made by Jo Ann

Garden fairy doll made by Joyce for Elma.  She came with a story.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Class with Cindee Moyer

                                   Patty Day and her cart in progress
                                   Peggy Frank and her cart in progress
                                   JoAnn Bulman and cart in progress
                                   Edna Hager and her doll in progress
                                   Emma Gourley and her doll in progress
                                      Elma, Emma and JoAnn share ideas
                                    Cindee Moyer...our fearless leader
                                           Babs Strauss hard at work
                                                    Bab's creation
                                      Work space with Cindee's cart
                                           Working at Village Wools
                                        JoAnn, Edna and Patty at work
                                               Elma Simpson designing
                                   Emma and Elma's carts in progress

Barbara Willis Class

                                                 Barbara's work
                                                  Barbara and Maggie
                                                  Barbara and Patty
                                       Barbara demos to Bonnie and Joyce
                                       (special guest Betts Vidal looks on)
                                          Bonnie and Yoka hard at work
                                          Maggie and Arley busy sewing
                                                     Barbara and Joyce
                                                 Barbara's paper dolls
                                             Patty Day's finished class doll
                                   Yoka Roos-Huddleston's finished class doll
                                          Jean Borman's finished class doll

More Day of the Dead Dolls

                                                  Doll by Mary Noland

                                                  Doll by Jean Borman