Sunday, August 3, 2014


3 Box Memory Doll Class

Arrangements have been made for September 13 (Saturday), and September 14 (Sunday), to teach this doll at The Beaded Iris on Wyoming.  I can handle a maximum of 8 students for $12.00 a day.

This should be a fun doll for you to enjoy making! I made her fabric doll parts (head, arms, and torso down to waist only), from old UFOs I had been saving for years, so there are no body patterns I can share, but any patterns you already have appropriate to the size of the boxes you choose will work. Because you don't have to worry about balancing the legs and weight of the finished doll, they can be as large or small as you can handle. There will be complete outlets for sewing machines if you don't finish your doll parts before the class starts.

Think about what this doll will hold: antique buttons, rings, ideas for dolls, paperclips, money, business cards, special people pictures? Do you want a holiday theme, is it for a sixteenth birthday, birth of a baby, wedding, Victorian, steam punk, contemporary? This is your box to make and embellish any way you like! You could even put a small framed picture somewhere. Do you want it to be holding something?   

Please hold your place and pay me no later than the Kokopelli club meeting in September for the 1st class and I'll get a supply list off to you. 

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