Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Kokopelli's Holiday Party 2016

Elma, Carol, Yoka and Corky visiting.

Vivian waiting to open presents!

Jenny and Ainsley waiting!

Ruthie, Nancy, JoAnn and Yoka anticipating!

Samantha and Ruthie

Nancy opens tiny elf made by Samantha.

Inspecting Nancy's tiny elf.

Yoka opens her package from Carol.

Applique hanging made by Carol for Yoka

Samantha with Frida made by Nancy

Jenny gets a doll made by Ruthie

Doll made by Ruthie

Elma with her doll made by Ainsley

Ainsley digs in!

Ainsley with her doll made by Jessica

Carol gets a doll made by Elma

Doll by Elma

Ruthie digs in!

Ruthie communes with her doll by Jenny

Jenny's wolf in sheep's clothing!

I think it's love!!

Doll by Yoka for Vivian.

Corky gets a doll made by Vivian.

Vivian's creation!

All the loot in one place!

Shaman beaded gourd doll made by Corky for Jean

Tiny elf by Samantha made for Nancy

Samantha with her Judge's Choice from Treasure's of the Gypsy Challenge

Jessica with her doll by JoAnn

JoAnn's creation

Nancy admires and JoAnn opens her doll.

Beaded doll by Jean for JoAnn

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