Saturday, December 3, 2011

Barbara Willis Class

                                                 Barbara's work
                                                  Barbara and Maggie
                                                  Barbara and Patty
                                       Barbara demos to Bonnie and Joyce
                                       (special guest Betts Vidal looks on)
                                          Bonnie and Yoka hard at work
                                          Maggie and Arley busy sewing
                                                     Barbara and Joyce
                                                 Barbara's paper dolls
                                             Patty Day's finished class doll
                                   Yoka Roos-Huddleston's finished class doll
                                          Jean Borman's finished class doll

1 comment:

  1. Barbara's Eau de Parfum class was a wonderful learning experience. We sculpted a face from super sculpey then made a mold of it and cast another face in paper clay. The paperclay face was skinned with cloth then painted and colored. The doll is a stump doll clad in silk dupioni and embellished liberally. What a great class and an excellent teacher.