Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday Party 2011

The Party at Jo Ann's in full swing

Yoka gets a doll made by Gail

Vivian and her doll by Nancy EH

Nancy EH with her doll by Vivian

Joyce with her doll made by Yoka

Jo Ann opens a doll made by Patty Page

Doll by Patty Page

Gail with a doll made by Carol

Edna opens her package

Edna wearing her doll necklace made by Annie

Diane admires her doll made by Edna

Annie with a doll made for her by Diane

Babs, Donna and Edna critique Diane's work

Babs being photographed with her doll by Jean

Carol with her doll made by Babs

Steampunk doll made by Babs

Jean with her doll made by Jo Ann

Garden fairy doll made by Joyce for Elma.  She came with a story.

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  1. Our Holiday Party was held in Jo Ann Bulman's cozy, art filled home in Corales. As usual there was lots of wonderful food and conversation. Members wandered through the house admiring and coveting Jo Ann's own art work. The meal however was only the prequel to the main event...the exchange of handmade dolls by our members. Most of the dolls are shown in the photos but I'm sure I missed a few. It's so easy to get distracted while admiring all the dolls. (Thanks to Annie for some of the photos in this post.)